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Getting to know the world of work

This interactive book is intended for those who are looking for work, thinking about changing job or seeking balance between work and personal life. The book could also be used in counseling practice. Publication is also available in Czech, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese versions.

This book is for everybody who works in people's professional development. The main topic of the book is career guidance and we understand it as a supportive process that accompanies people throughout their whole lives. 11 authors from three countries and from different organizations of different sectors worked on this book. The aim of this book is to share some of our experience with you, the readers. We would like to inspire you in the first place and also show you that there is no ideal pattern for the "ideal career advisor".
We created the book with the support of the "Diversity in Career Counselling" project that was funded by the European Union.

A Practitioner's Guide to Uncharted Waters of Career Counselling

In this book we decided to approach the career practitioner’s role from the standpoint of relationships - to ourselves, our community and the world itself. We are analyzing their impact on our work, and looking into topics and challenges one can expect to face in each of these spheres. They are also reflected in the overall thematic structure of the book that is tied together by the topic of critical reflection, which plays an important role throughout the whole publication. The book was written as a part of the Erasmus+ international project, which brought together career practitioners from five partner countries (the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Spain, and the United Kingdom). Publication is available in Czech, English, Danish, Greek and Spanish versions.

Research: Crucial impacts on career choices

We present you the report about findings of European research, undertaken by five Erasmus project partners, which was conducted between September 2018 and July 2020. The main aim of the research was to develop an understanding of the influences on young people’s career decision making. You can download the full report here or the report summary here.