Who we are

We are here to make people happy at the workplace.We are a training and consulting organization with over fifteen years’ experience on the market. We started in 2002, inspired by the methods of adult education in Western Europe, and today we still strongly believe in experiential and interactive learning focused on practical use. We believe in education and empowerment as a form of development for people of all ages and life situation. And not only people, but also organizations and companies. In recent years we have also started focusing on career guidance. We help our clients find the right fulfilling profession. We know how to guide them through a change of job or how to support them when they decide to give their career a new direction. We strive not only to help the grow of individuals, but also the development of a society, where everyone would have the opportunity to exert oneself and achieve satisfation.

EKS has received the National Career Counselling Award in 2012 in the category Career Counselling for Adults. In 2013, we received an individual award for our teaching activities in career counselling and in 2014 we were given a Special Jury Award for our interactive publication "Navigating the World of Work". In 2017 we received the National Award in Career Counselling 2017 for the fourth time. Read our article about the National award here.

Why us?

  • More than 15 years of professional experience.
  • 4 times National Career counselling award.
  • We are using experiential and interactive learning focused on practical use.
  • We are certificated in 2nd level of CH-Q method.-
  • More than 500 hundreds positive references.
  • Professional and skilled lecturers.

Our organization is recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

What makes us different

  • The core of our attention is on individuals and their ability to grow, make decisions and stand up for themselves.
  • The starting point of our work is respect for clients, their needs and desires.
  • We have an internal team of trainers and advisors who focus on experiential learning, the team is systematically trained in modern teaching techniques.
  • We create our own methodology based on qualification and experience.
  • Meeting with us makes one stronger, we combine professionalism with creativity and humor.
  • Clients feel welcome with us, they soon see progress in their own development, following the direction they chose.
  • We have a CH-Q certificates for recognition of competences.