Download our new book The Diverse Word of career guidance in English

Žaneta Konečná

This book is for everybody who works in people's professional development. The main topic of the book is career guidance and we understand it as a supportive process that accompanies people throughout their whole lives. 11 authors from three countries and from different organizations of different sectors worked on this book. The aim of this book is to share some of our experience with you, the readers. We would like to inspire you in the first place and also show you that there is no ideal pattern for the "ideal career advisor".

What is special about this book is that also pupils from the Elementary school have participated on the book. You can find for example their perception of a career consultant´s job, their opinion about the „happy“ career or even jokes that they created by themselves. Children could try different kind of professions by working on the book from a writer to publisher and many others.

Thanks to this long-term project children could reflect and learn more about themselves according the career are (e.g Do I prefer to work alone or in a team? Do I need to do a creative work or do I prefer stability?...) For this innovative approach we received the National Award in Career Counselling 2017.

You can dowload the book in eglish here.

We created the book with the support of the "Diversity in Career Counselling" project that was funded by the European Union.